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Simulators / Regions

  • Simulators cost $15.00 per month each.
    • Payment is due at the date of purchase and on the same day of the month every month after.
    • If you are late paying, your region may be disabled until payment is received, in which case you are responsible to pay the entire amount due and will not receive any additional credit for time when the region was disabled and offline.
  • Discounted rates may be available to some non-profit organizations.  Please contact us for more information for your non-profit or educational establishment discount.

Inworld Fees

  • Texture uploads: FREE
  • Mesh uploads: FREE
  • Group creation: FREE
  • Withdrawal fee: 5% V$
  • Partnership: 250 V$ (payable by either avatar)
  • Divorce: 500 V$ (payable by either avatar)