Please Explain The Value Of V$...

500 V$ = $1 USD

Are There Any Fees When Selling V$ And How Long Does It Take To Get Payment?

There is a 5% cashout fee applied to all V$ cashout requests.  All cashouts are only available via PayPal.  Cashout requests are usually approved and completed within 7 days.

Will Other Payment Processor's Be Accepted?

At this time,no.  We may consider using other forms of payments, depending on the demand and ease of use. 

How do I cashout my V$?

At this point in time our cashouts are done completely manual.  Please click the Buy/Cashout V$ link at the top of the page in the menu for complete instructions.

Once we verify the V$ have been sent to Banker and the validity of your request your funds will be sent.  Please expect up to 7 days for this transaction to complete in full.

This manual way of doing V$ cashouts is temporary.  We are working on creating the code to make this easier for our users.