How Do I Buy A Region And What Is The Cost Per Month In USD?

Go to You can zoom in/out to view the regions on the Map. Use the arrows to scroll the map and you may click on regions to get more information and a buy option. Region price is $15 USD per month per 256x256m (65,536 sqm). Once you purchase a region it should take a few minutes for the region to be up and running, use the World Map to search your sim name after a few minutes it should show up.

Is There A Setup Fee For Buying A Region?

We don’t charge a setup fee for buying a region it is totally free.

Do I Get A Discount For Buying More Than One Region?

No, right now discounts are offered only to EDU & NPO. (EDU = Educational ; NPO = Non Profit Organization)

How many SQM (square meters) And Prims Are Each Region?

256x256sm / 65536sq. m /20,000 prims

Will There Be Different Types Of Regions Such As Homesteads?

Not at the moment.  VAR's will be available in the near future.

Is Voice Chat Available On All Regions?

Voice is available on all regions, unless turned off by the sim owner. You must enable voice in your preferences for the viewer you are using.

I Can't Teleport A Friend To My Region

Please check if you are the region owner if your region is open to the public. (At the top of your viewer click on World --> Region / Estate --> click on the Estate tab from your options, make sure Allow Public access is checked.)

My Region Is Offline How Do I Report This?

Please send a detailed email by clicking here to open your default email account. 

Will I Have Full Control Over My Region?

Yes, you will have full control over your region.

Can I Combine Multiple Regions Into One Region?

Yes, if you are the estate owner of all the regions you want joined, they can be joined together at your request.

Can Anyone Place A Region Next To Mine?

No, not without your permission.

My Sim Is Currently Suspended Or Has Been Shut Down, How Can I Get It Back?

We will keep all data related to a suspended sim for a period of 6 months after which time this data will be deleted and we will not be able to recover it. A person wishing to reactivate their sim must pay from the date it was suspended till it is current on their invoice. (EX: If your tier due date is 3/1/2015 and you wish to reactivate it on 6/1/2015 you must pay for the months of 3/1, 4/1, 5/1, & 6/1 to bring it current.)