Does Virtuality Support Mesh?

Yes, mesh is fully supported by Virtuality.

Can My Creations Be Taken Off The Grid By HyperGrid Users?

It depends if you have allowed export permissions on your objects. You can set export permission using the Alchemy, Firestorm, or Singularity viewers from the tools floater.

How Do I Transfer My Creations To Virtuality?

You can transfer any creation that is full perm to Virtuality by using export/import tool in the viewer. This must be something you created or that you have permission to transfer to other grids.

As A Creator Are There Upload Fees For My Textures?

There is no fee for texture uploads.

I Can't Rez Any Objects Please Help!

Please make sure you are on land in which you have rights to rez. If you are still unable to rez and the land is group owned please activate your group tag for the land. If the first two solutions don’t work for you please log out then log back in and the issue should be resolved.

My Inventory Isn't Loading How Can I Fix This?

Please try to clear your inventory cache and relog, if that doesn't help teleport to a new sim and then try. The problem could be that the sim you were previously on was experiencing some lag.

Is The Content I Create In Your World "My" Content Or Does It Belong To Virtuality?

Anything you create inside Virtuality remains yours and yours alone. We do not claim ownership of your creations in whole or in part and will never make such claims.

Will My Content I Created Be Protected From Theft By Others?

Virtuality will do everything we can to protect the content that you create.